1990’s – Theurge’s report seeing Anthelios in the Umbra. Prophecies surface. Apocalypse rumors start flowing.
1999 – Tensions come to a head, and the war against the Wyrm rapidly escalates. Theurges discover that no new Garou are being born. Human tensions escalate as global economies crash and people blame each other for the world’s problems.
2001 – The War rages on. The 3 heads of the Triatic Wyrm are loosed from their slumber into the Umbra. The fight becomes more frantic as Gaia’s greatest heroes are slain fighting against the worst atrocities. The Silent Striders succeed in destroying the leeches of Vancouver. Humankind nearly destroys itself in a series of nuclear strikes.
2002 – A coalition of Silent Striders, Bone Gnawers and Fera attempt to reclaim Egypt, but are unable to lift the curse. The Get of Fenris sacrifice themselves in an attempt to destroy the Wyrm. Rorg moves to cleanse Gaia, by flinging a Claw at Gaia, Rorg hopes to destroy the Wyrm that has corrupted Gaia’s surface. The meteor hurling towards Earth frightens all who hear about it. Through a massive ritual by many of the Garou Nation’s Theurges, Luna moves to intercept, both are shattered. Shards of each fall to Gaia’s surface. The ensuing dust cloud hides Gaia’s surface from Helios. All known Fera retreat from the world as a whole. Leeches thrive in the perpetual darkness.
2006 – Whats left of various tribes consolidate their power, a few new tribes arise out of the ashes of old. Surviving humans gather in a few cities, as the landscape of the earth is drastically altered by strange phenomena.
2010 – The Dust begins to dissipate. A council of talented Theurges solve the fertility problem, and young kin begin going through first changes again.
2013 – Current

Culture and Society

Humans live in a handful of cities, or occasionally survive on their own in the wilderness. Factories are shutdown, as is all major industry. Due to the vastly changed landscape; living outside the cities, or in fortified safe havens; is extremely dangerous for humans. Gone are any sort of jobs that aren’t directly linked to the survival and well-being of people. Those who formerly held such jobs are forced to learn some sort of new trade, or be ostracized from society.

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