House Rules

Rules Reminders and Changes from Revised to W20

I will be running with the 20th anniversary edition for the primary rule set. Here are some reminders/changes to the way things work.

Stepping Sideways
A reflective surface is now mandatory for stepping sideways.

Multiple Actions
Look at the various rolls you are going to make, and take the lowest available dice pool. Those are the dice you have to split among the your attempted actions. Extra actions from Rage actions may not be split.

Ability Changes
Dodge – Has been rolled into Athletics
Leadership – Is now a Talent not a Skill
Larceny – has been added to Skills
Linguistics – Has been Removed, use Academics
Academics – Has been Added
Politics – Has been Removed, use Academics
Technology has been Added

Instead of 10’s exploding for specialties, they count as 2 successes.

You can only botch if you roll zero successes and at least one ‘1’

House Rules

Luna and Rage
Luna has been shattered and several large chunks still orbit Gaia. The largest have a fraction of Luna’s power, and will grant Rage the first time they are seen in a night, depending on how many are visible.

Replace Computers with Herbalism.

Computers is now a Secondary Ability.

Secondary Abilities may be taken at the reduced bonus point cost in the Player’s Guide to Garou, Revised Edition.

Altered Backgrounds:
Equipment (Replaces Resources) – No longer is there a measure of wealth in money, as money is now worthless. Your rating in Equipment determines your possession of valuable trade goods. Equipment can be easily lost if not careful.
X – No noteworthy trade goods stored. You must rely on your own abilities to survive.
O – A few items of value, furs, boots, maybe even a weapon or a few boxes of ammunition.
OO – Several weapons, boxes of ammunition, perhaps even a working vehicle and some fuel or a healthy horse or some sort of working animal.
OOO – A small stockpile of weapons, fuel, maybe even a solar cell or two.
OOOO – A few healthy work-animals, maybe even a breeding pair. Lots of weapons and/or ammunition,an abundance of extra materials.
OOOOO – A small herd of work-animals, an abundance of fuel, weapons, ammunition, spare parts, etc.

House Rules

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